About Us

It started in 2002 when co-founders Patrick and Julie Childers noticed local youth were unaware that miles of biking and hiking trails existed so close to their homes and yet when asked why they didn’t use them, were told the kids were unaware of them, couldn’t get to them or simply didn’t have a bike to ride them. Being avid cyclists and nature lovers, they combined their efforts, passions, and dedication to helping the kids they saw in their diverse neighborhood be more healthy and connected to their local nature areas.  And so it began, a dedication to providing local primarily diverse under-served youth in their community the opportunity to get outside onto the trails, whether that’s a trail to school, dirt trail, or trail of life. TYO provides the opportunity, mentoring, equipment and when needed, transportation so these youth could experience the joys and health benefits of being active outdoors. TYO events create a safe place for children to be healthier and leave from the events more confident and self-aware of their abilities to succeed. Kids leave from their adventure a bit sweatier and perhaps dirty, but with an increase in knowledge about themselves and their world. We embody our motto of “Teaching Kids to Overcome Obstacles on the Trail and in Life!”