Our Staff

Julie Childers – Executive Director, Co-Founder

When my husband Pat and I realized that there were so many kids around who didn’t realize there were nearby nature trails or didn’t have access to local trails I knew we had to do something. I love biking – on the road, trails, stationery exercise – and it sadden us both to think kids couldn’t experience the thrills, joys, connectivity to nature and down right fun exercise that comes form bicycling. So, in 2003 we started Trips for Kids Metro DC and realized that our programs exceeded the TFK program model. We changed the name of the organization in 2009 and TrailsforYouth.Org and it has taken off ever since. It now includes so many programs beyond biking, and is in base terms, a life line for some of the kids we work with. At the time we started the organization, I didn’t mountain bike at all. I liked to road ride, did a few centuries, but no way was I going to go over logs or ride whatever a “skinny” was. Turns out, it’s really fun. I still consider myself a beginner plus, I understand the release and effect trail rides have on the kids in our program. A second child in our family later and we are still growing this organization. Amazing stuff! When I’m not running the office of TYO, you may find me on the Wakefield or Accotink trails, or just hanging out with my kids. TFK’s HOME TOWN HERO (video). I feel fortunate to help provide the opportunity that is so vital to many kids in our area. Having now done this for 12 years I have seen many kids grow up and still have that healing connection to nature. We truly are teaching kids to overcome obstacles on the trail and in life! Join us on the adventure.

Pat Childers – Co-Founder, Member of the Board, Key Volunteer, Mentor, and Coach

Pat has been leading kids events for over 2 decades. He has helped thousands of kids expereience the joys and thrills of trail riding, bike safety, and fishing. He is passionate about instilling the love of nature in the next generation.  If you are at a TYO event, then you have met Pat, we simple put, could not do all that we do without his leadership, coaching, guidance and overall infectious enthusiasm for being outdoors.

Ken Scott – Ride Leader, Master Bike Technician, Coach, and Mentor

Ken is go to for our Ride Leader and all things bike.  Ken is an original Board Member and long-term Ride Leader. Along side Pat he has helped thousands of kids experience the excitement of log crossings, riding the skinny trail, and all things mountain bike. He has taught hundreds of kids how to change a tire, look where they want to go and always calmly leads the ride.