Brookfield Park Bike Skills

TrailsforYouth.Org, in partnership with the Fairfax County Park Authority, and with support from the local Springfield Civic Association, Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiast (MORE), The Outride Foundation, IMBA Dig-In Grant and many community members, have expanded the bicycles skills area at Brookfield Park. Building upon the completed pump track in 2018, TYO has expanded the bike skills area to include 6 wooden and steel professional obstacles as a perimeter trail for all to enjoy.  This fun bike skills area countless hours of enjoyment to the community year round and is an ideal spot enjoy learning or improving their mountain bike skills. We are so greateful for the support and donations from the Park Authority and the community at-large.

“This new track is so much fun, and is a great gem for our community. We just love it!”

TYO is working with the local park authority and our local IMBA chapter, MORE, to increase biking opportunities at Brookfield Park for local BIPOC youth. For more information,  follow us on Facebook.


“This [pump]track is perfect, my son wouldn’t touch the strider bike at home and hated it, now he wants to come here and ride over and over and is learning how to ride. It’s great, we love it!”