Junior Counselors – Teens Jobs Program

Riders with TYO typically start in 5th grade and continue through high school as participants.  As they begin to mature, we often hear they have to stop participating in order to seek part-time jobs to help pay basic living expenses. Recognizing this need for our older riders, TYO created the Jr. Counselor Jobs Program.  Though this program riders that have participated and embraced our messages and efforts can become paid part-time Jr. Counselors for TYO events.  The teens must complete a a job application, be interviewed, complete employment forms, training and be responsible to adhering to their work schedules. Working with TYO managers and event leaders , the teens learn the “in and outs” of the working world.  Not only do the teens gain valuable work experience, they also can continue to participate with TYO and reap the healthy benefits of being active.

Teens have gone on to work for the Park Authority, other part-time jobs and have gained confidence and skills they can transfer into their efforts to attend college or more advanced job training /employment opportunities.

TYO Jr. Counselor jobs program acts as a springboard for teens to enter the workforce in a safe and
welcoming transition that provides education and experience. 

If you think you would be a good Jr. Counselor for TYO programs, email julie@trailsforyouth.org to discuss openings and opportunities.